What’s your value proposition?

I will help you increase the number of qualified sales leads and appointments you get, by a significant amount. This will help you fill your pipeline and crush your revenue target.

What kind of results can I expect?

After we complete the Assessment we will have enough response rate data to begin making results projections.

How much will this cost?

Typically $60 to $80 per hour, 15 hours per week, one month minimum.

How do I know if my company is right for this?

If you are a growing technology company that sells into the B2B corporate or enterprise market and you don’t have any or much outbound lead generation infrastructure in place, you might be a fit.

The other scenario where you might be a fit is if you do have outbound lead generation infrastructure in place, but you are not getting the results you hoped for.

We don’t know you so how can we trust you?

I offer the pilot (assessment) milestone at not cost so that we can develop trust over time.

I don’t have staff available to squire you around or make the calls?

No worries, I make the calls and track the data. All you have to do is provide me with your list(s) and designate someone to receive the leads and make a good faith effort to close them.

How much time is this going to cost me?

Very little time will be required on your part. Most of the time will be getting your list together and then perhaps two calls of half an hour each.

What exactly do you do for us?

I will be making thousands calls and working through a seven milestone project that will tell us what works and what does not. I’ll then help you size and or scale your outbound lead generation program. Last but not least, I’ll document everything and train your outbound lead generation representatives or outsource provider, if you decide to go that route. I will also help you select an outsource provider if you’d like.

Is this guaranteed to work?

No. However, thanks to scientific method tuning, the odds of an outright failure are almost nonexistent.

How do you work?

I work with between one and three clients at a time. Each client project is 15 hours per week and scheduled for between one and six months in duration. Although I can be on site if needed, the majority of my work is done offsite in my Oakland office.

What are the details of a typical project?

The process includes 6 key milestones, as follows:

  1. Basic reality check assessment (aka pilot): This involves me making 1,000 test calls into your market, using your list(s). The purpose of this step is to gather baseline response rate data and to get a feel for the amount and strength of demand that exists in your market. After these calls are completed and the data are analyzed, we decide to go to the next step, or not. (~2 weeks)
  2. Four thousand dial campaign: The next step is to create two separate campaigns and make a total of two thousand dials on each. The purpose here is so see if the initial response rates continue with the larger sample and to A/B test two campaigns against each other. If the results continue to look promising, we go to the next step. (~1 month)
  3. Twelve thousand dial campaign: The purpose of this campaign is to see how response rates hold up over time. We will take the ‘control’ from the last campaign and supplement it with two new additional campaigns. (~3 months)
  4. Sizing & capacity: At this point, you decide how much dial capacity you want to employ going forward, if any. This could range from going “big” to one person calling for a few hours per week. This is also where you decide where you want the capacity. Do you want to train an existing employee, do you want me to make the calls, hire additional headcount or outsource to a third party? (~2 weeks)
  5. Process documentation & training: At this point I document all related processes and train whomever you have decided will continue making calls. (~2 weeks)
  6. Handoff: Post handoff, I make spot checks to make sure the new people/persons are following the program and continuing to hit the response rate milestones we achieved during testing, or better. At this point, assuming everything is on track, we’re done and you’re up and running with a great new program that will spike your revenue attainment over the coming years. (~2 weeks)

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