Let’s Crush Your Number…

If you don’t have three times your revenue target in your sales pipeline, you’re at risk of missing your number.

Pipeline Werks

 I make thousands of calls into your market to figure out what campaigns work best.

Then I train your team or help you outsource and hand-off the calling.

My approach is step-by-step so companies can see the results at each step, and decide if they want to continue to the next step or not.

project timeline

During the last 15 years I’ve made well over half a million outbound lead generation calls. I’ve also built and managed successful inside sales teams.

Mitsu Fisher - Pipeline Werks - lead generation

I’ve spent the last five years developing and honing this methodology. Best result so far – 2,100% increase in sales appointments generated. Your mileage will vary.

100% transparency

All the details about every hour of dialing are recorded in your portal, updated at the end of every hour dialed. You can login and check results 24/7.

campaign results table

You can expect to begin seeing results within the first month. All you have to do is designate someone in your company to receive and work the leads. 

contact Mitsu Fisher

P.S. – If the timing is right and you’re seriously interested in this offer, the first milestone is on me. I will complete the first 1,000 dials at no cost, assuming you provide the list and cover minor expenses. What have you got to lose?

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